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Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return.Therefore everything you want is already yours. Its simply a matter of being more aware of what you already possess.



My name is Evan Chandler and I have been tattooing three years at Aisle 9 Tattoo in Centerville, Ohio. During this time, I had realized my passion for realism, whether it be tattooing or art. Recreating imagery and likeness is only a part of the equation as creating passion and drama in the art I bring to life is my ultimate goal as an artist. The art I am called to create and are most passionate about are larger pieces that form and flow with the body and allow the world to see the work we are meant to create together.


With any tattoo, especially larger pieces, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate the time and cost of a completed tattoo as many factors affect this process, i.e. the subject, size, placement, color or black and gray, etc. I can only offer an estimate to the time and cost of the final design at any point during our journey. Upholding the quality and integrity of your art to the standard I hold myself to is my ultimate goal

At this time, I operate on a full-day basis. I also offer marathon sessions which include two or three consecutive day sessions for those wanting to make quick progress on their tattoo.

I require a 50% non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the cost of your tattoo session. This secures your time in my schedule and retains my services to create your dream piece. 


When you are ready to discuss our next tattoo journey, I am ready to get started! To begin the process, fill out my inquiry form here. You will be asked to fill out basic information about you and your tattoo ideas.

I love connecting and celebrating with my clients and knowing the inspiration behind our journey together.

 I am particular on the projects I take on so you can have an artist that is passionate about the art we are creating and you have the absolute best artist for the job, in regards to technical ability, vision, and personality. We can only do this once and you deserve the absolute best, even if we feel another member of the Aisle 9 Tattoo family is a better match for you and your vision.


Once we have received your inquiry, it will take my assistant Erica approximately 2 to 7 days to receive a response. We have been blessed with an influx of clients and there are times where it can take me longer to get to you.

If we feel that I am not the best fit for you and your vision, we are happy to connect you with the best artist for you in the Aisle 9 Tattoo crew.

Once we have sufficient information and conclude that we are a good fit, we can schedule a consultation to discuss the details further. I consult on Fridays from 11 AM to 4 PM EST. All appointments are first come first serve. Confirmations regarding appointments are sent through email.

During our consultation, we will discuss more specific details about our tattoo visions and the next steps in this process. In scheduling a consultation, be prepared to place a $1000 deposit to reserve your tattoo appointment date.

At the time of our consultation, all matters regarding the deposit, the tattoo process, estimates on time and cost, and any further details will be discussed before receiving a deposit as this retainer is non-refundable.


27 W. Franklin Street

Centerville, Ohio 45459

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